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  • Ivan tea: from prostate diseases to detox cures

    Numerous positive medical effects proven Once the economic ties between Russia and the West were more closely linked than many people tod...
  • Ivan chai, Ivan tea or fireweed tea - what's the difference?

    Ivan Chai is also becoming more and more popular in Germany, we have had thousands of visitors in recent years, and interest is growing steadily. B...
  • What makes the willowherb so wonderful?

    Epilobium belongs to the evening primrose family. The annual, herbaceous, sometimes semi-shrubby, conspicuously flowering plants grow in the tempe...
  • Willowherb tea or Ivan-Chai

    You must get to know this herbal tea that has become popular again recently! An infusion of the leaves of the fireweed smells and tastes very good, and it has many beneficial effects on the Fitness. 
    Find out where the plant grows, what characterizes the tea made from it, how it is prepared, why you drink it and how you can enjoy it. 
  • Therapeutic fasting with Ivan Chai

      Last year I saw a documentary about therapeutic fasting. Do not eat anything for several days or weeks and feel good. I couldn't believe that. Bu...
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