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Therapeutic fasting with Ivan Chai


Last year I saw a documentary about therapeutic fasting. Do not eat anything for several days or weeks and feel good. I couldn't believe that. But the film brought examples from many cultures that I also knew, such as the Lent of Christianity, Islam, and especially Hinduism.

The documentary was mainly about a sanatorium near Lake Baikal.


There people complete their therapeutic fasting regimen, which lasts up to 2 weeks, in complete peace.

During this time these people don't eat anything, absolutely. Not even a tiny bit. That was what fascinated me.

I decided to give it a try just to get to know the limits of my body (and mind).

The concept of therapeutic fasting is actually quite simple:

- eat nothing

That's it! So easy! And it's really as simple as those two words, no magic or yoga or feng shui or shui feng yoga. Just don't eat anything. 

My first day started when I got up in the morning and wanted to make myself a coffee with a sandwich as usual, but then I remembered that I wanted to start fasting today. Ok, then I'll just have a drink of water and a warm glass of water. I liked it. A warm glass of water early in the morning is good for you. Why not? You add energy to the body in the form of heat and at the same time provide it with fluid - with water.

In the afternoon, at work, I got hungry, and instead of drinking schnitzel, I drank water again and made myself a tea, an Ivan tea, or better said Ivan Chai.

Quite honestly, there is nothing more to say here, roughly like this I couldn't eat anything for 8 days and felt very good.

Here I would like to list the positive experiences during my fasting cure:

- Energy

If you are over the hill after 2-3 days, i.e. once you've used up all your sugar reserves, you feel fantastic. You can jump, run, do squats

- More time

You have more time for important things because you don't eat anymore and you don't spend as much time on the toilet either

- Clear head

You think more clearly. One is more eloquent

- self-confidence

During and after the fast, you feel like you have reached a new level of self-control. That in turn motivates you to continue and expand your own limits.

- You lose weight and cleanse your body

That you lose weight if you don't eat should be clear to every 5 year old, but that the body gets rid of all the pollutants that you have accumulated over the years at the latest after the publication of many studies.

My conclusion on fasting = great. And preferably with Ivan Chai.


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